Wageningen alumni training courses

Wageningen alumni training courses

AIMIGO offers now custom made courses and training on career planning and development, specially developed for Alumni of Wageningen University (MSc and PhD). Personal career coaching and counselling are also available.

AIMIGO specialises in academic human resource development since 1988. It has extended experiences concerning Wageningen Alumni. AIMIGO aims in its courses at individual people. Special attention is given to the human life course, the personal biography, giving meaning, vitality and fitness, personal responsibility and the use of personal creativity.

Costs and duration
Courses on career perspectives and other career services like coaching, counselling, outplacement, inplacement, job rotation, employability are offered at competitive fees.
Individual coaching costs € 80,00 per hour (excl. VAT) .
Courses (with a minimum of 10 participants) cost € 275,00 per person (also excl. VAT). Courses will cover approximately 4 morning sessions spread over 4 days with intervals of two weeks.

Lesley Lap
As an alumnus himself, Lesley Lap (MSc Biology, 1987) has been a career coach and trainer since 1988. By then he started working for the Career Centre of Wageningen, presently known as KLV Professional Match BV.
Lesley Lap worked in development aid during 1989-1993. Since his return from Zimbabwe he supports a lot of development aid workers finding their way back to the Dutch or European labour market, or vice versa assists employees on their way to jobs in the development aid sector.
He was trainer for the PhD Career Perspectives Courses for Wageningen Graduate School in 2005 and 2006.

In his work as career coaching and trainer Lap takes personal biography and competencies as starting points.
Lesley Lap integrates career courses with management training (project management, leadership skills, cultural differences) and organisational change. This supplies him of an extended network of organisations, consultants, facilitators and trainers.

  • Avaliable services
  • personal career counseling
  • labour market orientation
  • job coaching
  • custom made group training
  • international network management

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